Panama Travel Guide Expert Picks for your Vacation

If you are interested in history and monuments, you can visit Panama. It is the city where you can learn history and explore fantastic architecture. So, follow our content to know the tourist points within the city.

About Panama City

Panama City is known as Panama, and it is the biggest city in Panama. The city is situated on the Pacific entrance of the Panama Canal. The city is the centre of political and administrative activity. In addition, it is the centre of banking and business. Spirit Airlines Reservations are offering its services also for this city.

Panama is a small narrow country surrounded by culture, beaches, history, botanical, wildlife, all the things here for newlyweds to enjoy an adventurous vacation.

Panama’s attraction for tourists

The exciting thing about the country is Panama’s history; if you visit here, don’t leave this place
without looking at country landmarks and historical tombstones.

The Big Screw

It is a piece of extraordinary architecture. When you look at this building, it looks like a giant screw.

Panamá Viejo

Panama was destroyed in 1671 by Captain Henry Morgan. Before its destruction, the city was the Spanish trading town on the whole Pacific shore. From roads to the church, churches to convents, hospitals, bridges, and stone-made walls. The trip will be incomplete without visiting Panama Viejo.

Panama Canal

It is the centre of attraction in the city, and it is linked to the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. A large ship and colourful containers all show the great art of engineering. To complete the Panama Canal view, you have to explore Miraflores locks of the Canal. So, visit www spirit airlines Booking and reserve your seat for Panama and explore this peaceful and adventurous place with your family and friends.

The city of Knowledge Campus

It is an international hub of education, knowledge, research, and modernization. It promotes scientific research, businesses, and global organizations. It was founded in 1995, and it is a non-profit institution known as the City of Knowledge Foundation.

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Hike in the rainforest parks

Parque Metropolitano is a rainforest in the city’s centre within walking distance from the Albrook shopping centre. If you hike up to the top of Cedar Hill, you’ll have fantastic city views. Sloths, toucans, hummingbirds, pacas, monkeys, and anteaters can see you. You can see several endangered species of birds and wild animals.

Surf in Santa Catalina

Surf in Santa Catalina is situated on Panama’s Pacific Coast, six-hour drive west of Panama City. It is a hotspot that lies within the surfing community. The population of this Pacific Coast is only 300. So here, you did not explore modern resorts or high-end dining.

La India Dormida

It is the most prominent mountain, and it is situated in El Valle de Anton. It is known as the sleeping Indian girl. You can track here and enjoy a waterfalls view within the sun rays, making falls more beautiful.

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