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You may have heard about the incredible history of Boston and its influence on the American Civil War – But Boston is more than that! It is also one of the most walkable and easiest cities to explore. The city offers historical and cultural appeal around every corner, from the Italian roots of the North End to Boston's distinctive brick facades and a New England charm.

Explore Boston by Season


Boston comes alive in the spring. Bostonians shake off the winter chill and make themselves ready to meet fresh air, admire beautiful flowers, and attend amazing special events that amuse visitors and locals alike.

What to do in spring in Boston?

Pay a visit to the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum to admire the brief-blooming nasturtium vines, take your kids to New England Aquarium on a sweet spring day, and cherish carefully cultivated flowering trees and bushes at Arnold Arboretum, and much more.

Where can you take your kids in Boston for a fun spring?

Boston is an exciting destination for families and offers many interesting attractions for children as well. Spend a day with your kids admiring interactive toy exhibits at Children's Museum, go on a shopping spree at Faneuil Hall Marketplace, or walk the Boston Esplanade to enjoy the refreshing views of the river.

What are the best three events to attend in Boston during spring?
  • Be a part of the most popular and well-known marathons in the world – Boston Marathon – taking place on Patriots' Day.
  • Witness a variety of musical genres, including rock, pop, hip hop, and EDM at the Boston Calling Music Festival, held every May.
  • A must-attend event for a baseball lover, the Red Sox home opener is a great time to catch up with friends, drink some beer, and eat some delicious Fenway Franks.


Summer would be a great season to know more about Boston. Affectionately known as "America's Walking City," explore the city's sidewalks, wander through its abundance of green parks, or just spend an afternoon at one of the many outdoor cafés.

Where you can plan a romantic date with your partner in Boston in the summer?

Spending a romantic evening with your partner in Boston won't be disappointing for sure. Plan your romantic evening by riding in one of the famous Swan Boats at Boston Public Garden or take a Little Italy Wine Tour with your better half.

What are the must-attend festivals of Boston in summer?

Boston festivals are big celebrations of art, culture, and music. Gorge on Asian delicacies and watch art and crafts demonstrations at Boston Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival, attend a five-day-long crowning event with the Boston Harborfest festival, take part in a musical celebration at the Harvard Sports Complex, and much more.

Why to visit Boston in Summer Season?

Summer is the most crowded season to visit the city of Boston as tourists start flocking to the markets and plazas of Boston. Visitors get the opportunity to discover Boston's vibrant culture while strolling historic streets through diverse neighborhoods and taking in the unique personality of each neighborhood.


Fall is the most gorgeous time to visit Boston. Cooler and crisper temperatures mean more energy to enjoy, see and experience in Boston! Autumn in the city creates a lot of bright and memorable experiences. As the leaves change color, Boston's parks put on a spectacular display that compliments the city's historic architecture.

How to spend a fall day with your partner in Boston?

If you are planning to take your munchkin for a romantic fall evening, that's the right time to propose. Whether you are taking your date to a top-notch restaurant or wishing to live in nostalgia with classic ‘80s video games like Galaga and Ms. Pacman – Boston won't leave you disappointed for sure!

What to expect in Boston in the fall season?

Fall produces the highest number of perfect days in Boston. With moderate temperatures (not too highs and not too much in dips), Boston in October shares an outstanding theme. Enjoy the beautiful weather, the gold and crimson fall foliage, and Boston's seasonal celebrations and festivals in October month.

What are the average temperatures in Boston in October?

The weather in Boston in October is mid-fall when summers start to fade and winters are approaching. The average high temperature is between 67°F and 57°F (19°C and 13°C). The average low temperature is between 53°F and 43°F (12°C and 6°C).


Boston is snow-covered heaven in the winter! There's so much to do and see in Boston in the winter, whether you're taking a brisk afternoon stroll down one of the city's many charming historic streets, ice skating on a frozen outdoor pond, or warming up with a bowl of New England clam chowder and a rich mug of hot chocolate.

What are the adventurous activities to enjoy in Boston in winter?

Visitors, who are a fan of the snow, arrive in January or February when the average snowfall ranges from 12 to 14 inches. Sledding through Boston Common or snowshoeing at Gore Place is ideal to do in the fresh powder.

Should you take your kid on a winter vacation to Boston?

In the winter, Boston offers a wide range of activities, from indoor activities such as sporting events and museums to outdoor activities such as walking tours and sightseeing. Experience hands-on exhibits in the Boston Museum of Science, grab a winter meal at Faneuil Place, or stroll through the 2.5-mile Faneuil trail.

What to pack for a winter vacation in Boston?

Pack Comfortable Walking Shoes if you doing lots of walking, shirts, sweaters, vests, and layered jackets, pack an umbrella for unexpected rain. Gloves, scarves, and winter headwear would be worn or easily stored in carry-on luggage, backpack, or your purse.

Explore Boston by Category

Top Three Attractions

Freedom Trail

Follow through the city's principal historic monuments and sites, by the line of red bricks on the sidewalk and footprints at street crossings at Freedom Trail.

Boston Common and Public Garden

Ride the Swan Boats at the oldest park in America in the heart of the city - Boston Common and Public Garden offer a refreshing tour to guests.

Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

Get a spectacular display of over a 2,500-piece collection of paintings, sculptures, decorative arts, books, manuscripts, and much more at Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum.

Top Delicacies of Boston

When it comes to dining - Boston is one of the great names in America. Thanks to its rich colonial past, cosmopolitan influences, and seaside location, Boston offer a truly valuable experience to its guests. Boston Baked Beans are the best once they're boiled, sweetened with molasses, and mixed with salt pork or bacon. Boston's Cannoli, Italian hollow pastry pipes packed with sweet ricotta cheese and dusted with fruits, are among the city's best specialties.

Nightlife in Boston

Boston is known for its eclectic blend of cobblestone streets, modern buildings, lively markets, shopping malls, museums, and parks. Boston is a city where old and new meet. The city, on the other hand, comes alive at night. Boston's nightlife culture is vibrant, with a diverse crowd and a great range of trendy bars and nightclubs. Boston's nightlife culture won't let you down if you're looking for the finest events in town. The energy level at these local hotspots is boosted and a bustling ambiance is created by lineups of big-name DJs, dancing, and themed evenings.

Shopping Style

Shopping in Boston gives you the freedom to plan your own ideal trip. Explore the tiny shops that lend charm to the retail scene while taking in the scenery that Boston offers. Fill your bags with essentials at the popular big box stores found in most area malls, or browse boutiques and specialty shops for quirky, one-of-a-kind items. Shop high-end brands like Chanel and Burberry, or find a deal in a secondhand store or outlet mall.