Brief Information about Spirit Airline cancellation Policy | Spirit Refund Policy

Flight cancelation happens either by users or the Airline itself. Spirit Airlines has drafted a transparent cancellation policy. Passengers will get an adequate advantage of cancellation if they follow Spirit Airlines’ cancellation policy. Travelers can cancel their flight for any cause, irrespective of plan change or health issues. Passengers may cancel their flight even 60 minutes before the flight leaving date. But if you cancel your ticket at the last hour, the probability of a refund is zero and quite rare. But you may contact the authorized Spirit Airline website for detailed inquiries.

It is natural for a flight journey to have some modifications. Moreover, Spirit Airlines knows there may be genuine reasons for the flight change. For those reasons, Airline permits tourists to alter and terminate flights 2 months before the travel date. 

Cancelation and alteration are free of cost if you do it two months ahead of the journey. Apart from that, Spirit Airlines’ cancellation fee is also free if you terminate the flight within one day of flight booking (applicable for such flights which are scheduled within one week or more). Such cancellation comes under 24 hrs risk-free cancellation policy.

Methods to Cancel Flights with Spirit Airlines

Fortunately, users can terminate their flights with the help of numerous methods with Spirit Airlines. Numerous flight cancellation methods happen through the website, mobile app, at the airport, or customer care.

  • Open your Spirit airline web portal
  • No, find the sign-in button and enter your credential. ‘
  • Once you log in to my account
  • Find the itinerary and fill in your booking confirmation code
  • Act according to the guidelines that appear on the device to create alterations and cancelation to flight booking

Apart from that, users can cancel flights through SMS and Whatsapp. Go to the authorized website of the Airline and find the number. With the customer care department, canceling and altering a flight is also quite simple.

Spirit Airlines’ refund policy

Spirit Airlines Refund policy is based upon the last date prior flight leaving day. We urge passengers to cancel their ticket well before the flight leaving time to apply for a refund claim. 

You must study the entire Spirit Airline cancellation charges and refund following lines:

  • 0 to 2 days before the flight leaving – 99 US dollars
  • Three to6 days prior to travel date – 79 US dollars
  • 7 to 59 days prior to travel date – 49 US dollars

More than two months prior to a flight leaving date: no cancellation charges and complete refund

When Flights Are Cancelled, Will Spirit Issue Refunds?

Yes, if Spirit Airlines cancel the flight because of natural calamity or bad weather, the airline will inform you about the cancellation. When Spirit Airlines cancels flights, users can apply for a refund. However, we also suggest communicating with Spirit customer care for clarity because Spirit airline cancellations can revise at any time.

What is the duration of the Refund Process Completion? 

The refund duration with Spirit Airlines can differ from one week to 21 days. Users can anticipate a spirit airline refund within one week if they have paid from a credit or debit cars. But if you made the ticket payment through cash or check, it may take 20 working days to complete the refund. Spirit will process the refund on a similar mode of payment that passengers have chosen at the time of booking. However, for cash payment, you may contact the nearest airport that serves Spirit Airlines.