What do I need to Know about Spirit Airlines Frequent Flyer Program?

Have you made a Spirit Airlines flight booking and you want to earn while flying? If your reaction is "YES!"… Congrats! Spirit Airlines has created a loyalty program for its frequent flyers. Despite the well-established fact that Spirit is an ultra-low-cost airline of the United States, Spirit has left no stone unturned when it comes to providing the best air travel opportunity with an incredible experience.

Spirit Airlines revamped its frequent flyer program in 2021 with the introduction of Free Spirit. The Free Spirit program enables a customer to earn points while they are flying to their booked destination. They can earn elite status on every dollar they spent on Spirit services rather than the distance flown.

With the Free Spirit program, the points they earn won't expire as long as they have qualifying activity within 12 months, and it's much easier to understand the redemption and earning rates. You can maximize your earnings with Spirit Airlines' frequent flyer program and enjoy all the benefits while making Spirit flight reservations.

Free Spirit Elite Status Levels

The Free Spirit program offers two elite status levels to the customers – Silver and Gold. They can qualify for these status levels by achieving a threshold of Status Qualifying Points (SQPs).

Any Free Spirit member can earn 1 SQP for every dollar they spent on Spirit fares or services and À La Smarte options, including additional purchases such as priority boarding, seat selection, and bag fees. Free Spirit Travel More World Elite Mastercard cardholders can achieve elite status faster, as they'll earn 1 SQP for every $10 in net purchases made with the card. Once they reach Silver or Gold, they'll hold elite status for the remainder of the qualifying year and the entire next year.

How do I earn Free Spirit points?

Spirit Airlines gives you several options to earn Free Spirit points. Redemption is available on every seat on every Spirit flight with faster ways to redeem, and new rewarding status levels, you can earn More Go with every flight you fly with. Here are the ways with which you can earn for every dollar spent, rather than how far you fly with Spirit.

Earning while Flying

You can earn points with every dollar spent on Spirit airfares. Free Spirit loyalty program members may earn 6 times the points on every dollar they spend on Spirit flight services, up to 10 times the points for Gold members.

Earning through À La Smarte options

Being a member of the Free Spirit program, you earn points on various À La Smarte options that include bags and seats. The program members get 12 points on every dollar they spend on Spirit Airlines flight services, up to 20 points per dollar spent for Gold members.

Earning through Spirit Credit Cards

Spirit has introduced two credit cards for the U.S. market, which are issued by the Bank of America, viz., Free Spirit Travel Mastercard and Free Spirit Travel More Mastercard. Cardholders can earn points on everyday purchases that may help them earn rewards and Status faster.

Earning with Spirit Airlines' Partners

You can earn now with Spirit partnerships with a variety of merchants that allow loyalty program members to earn Free Spirit points. These service providers include hotels, rental cars, vacation travel bookers, wine, and lifestyle partners. Spirit's online shopping mall features dozens of retailers, with some offering up to 15 points per dollar spent on Spirit's partners.

What are the Advantages of Redeeming Free Spirit Points?

Free Spirit is the frequent flyer program of Spirit Airlines that comes with legitimate elite status levels, valuable perks, and a gentler mileage expiration policy, among other services. Free Spirit enables a customer to earn mileage points while getting advantages of its services. Here are some of the best services that a customer gets from the airlines:

Free Spirit Silver Status