How much do I need to pay for checked baggage on Spirit Flight?

Are you booking flights with Spirit airlines and know about the baggage policy? Taking a favorite item on a flight may be confusing sometimes as we may not be aware of the things to be taken on a Spirit flight. To resolve this issue, Spirit Airlines has created a simple baggage policy to help customers. Well, you can go through the information that is mentioned below.

The actual fees that Spirit Airlines charges for the checked baggage, varies as per the class and the flying status. The actual fees charged by spirit airlines for the checked luggage depends upon the fare class, the loyalty status and the various other factors.

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What is the baggage fees policy of Spirit Airlines?

Spirit Airlines Carry-on baggage fees

The Spirit Baggage fee for carry-on luggage is $26-$55 and it depends on when and how the fees is paid.

Spirit Airlines Checked baggage fees

Spirit Airlines is a budget airline that allows passengers to take their baggage but with some limitations - The weight of checked luggage on Spirit Airlines flights cannot exceed 40 pounds.

That's ten pounds less than practically any other major U.S. airline's 50-pound weight limit. Also important to remember these weight limits before traveling to the airport, because Spirit's overweight baggage costs can quickly mount up. In fact, they have the potential to more than treble your expenses.

For example, if your luggage weighs just 1 pound more and reaches 41 pounds at the check-in desk, you'll need to pay $50... on top of the cost, you already paid for your checked bag. If your luggage is tagged overweight, you can expect to incur following fees in addition to your Spirit checked bag fee.

41 – 50 lbs. (18 – 23 kg) + $50 per bag
51 – 70 lbs. (23 - 32 kg) + $75 per bag
71 – 100 lbs. (32 - 45 kg) + $75 per bag
The checked baggage fees is ranging from $21-$65.

What are the oversized baggage fees?

Most of the bags have the same length, width, and those greater than 62 inches fall in the category of oversized bags. The oversized baggage fee is $100 for bags measuring 63-80 inches and for those bags which are 80 inches additional fees of $150 is charged.

So, if you are travelling through Spirit airlines you must check the baggage policy before you add on the luggage.

Spirit Airlines generally gives you an option to carry a maximum of five checked bags depending on the available space, while the maximum overweight limit is 100 pounds. However, there are a few exceptions given the route and date.

From December 1 to January 10, Spirit Airlines allows one checked item per person, and you can purchase any additional checked items on a first come, first serve basis. Additionally, the overweight baggage limit allowed on international Spirit Airlines flights is between 70 pounds to 100 pounds. You need to pay oversized luggage charges on bags exceeding 63 linear inches and any luggage over 80 inches will not be allowed on Spirit flights.

For flights scheduled to Lima, Peru, guests can check only one bag. Instead, the maximum overweight baggage limit may not exceed 50 pounds and will start incur overweight baggage fees at 41 pounds. The same oversized baggage restrictions may apply, and the items exempted from this rule include sporting equipment.

How to avoid or reduce Spirit Airlines baggage fees?

Various major low-cost carriers of the United States charge hefty charges on luggage that may invite burden to the pockets. This is a large business plan for the American carriers as it generates around $2.5 Billion every year. The luggage charges may vary between $40 and $70 as per the route and destination. It is almost impossible to avoid these charges.

There are several other ways you can save on baggage on Spirit Airlines flights, such as

1. Use credit card travel credits

You can use specific "airline fee credits" or travel rewards cards on travel and travel incidentals, including checked baggage. For example, the Chase Sapphire Reserve card offers a $300 annual travel credit to Spirit passengers that can be used to pay for Spirit Airlines baggage fees. Similarly, the Platinum Card from American Express offers up to a $200 airline credit to cover your Spirit Airlines baggage charges.

2. Join the Spirit Saver$ Club

Becoming a member of the Spirit Airlines loyalty program, Spirit Saver$ Club helps you to save money on baggage as it offers membership discounts on fares, seats, baggage, and extras. You can also get access to exclusive deals that are only for the members. the membership cost is around $69.95 annually.

3. Check bags rather than carrying them

You can save additional money on checked bags rather than carrying them to the flight cabin. Depending on your specific flight route, you may not be saving more than $5 or $10 per bag, but even those amounts may add up when you purchase a round-trip ticket.

4. Purchase bags at the time of check-in

It is to be noted that baggage on Spirit Airlines becomes more expensive the longer you will wait. You should add bags at the time of booking as you get cheapest bags at that time. This is the easy method to escape Spirit baggage fees.

5. Earn Spirit Elite Status

Being a trusted loyalty program of Spirit Airlines, Free Spirit lets you get amazing perks like free shortcut security and early boarding, easy seat selection during flight check-in, and same-day standby facility. You will get first checked bag and carry-on for free with Free Spirit Gold status. However, you may need 5,000 Status Qualifying Points (SQPs) to earn Gold status.

Single Item In A Baggage Will Reduce Cost

If flyer wishes to reduce their baggage fees, they need to carry only one personal belonging that should not take up extra space. You can keep that item below your seat free of cost. Users must pack their baggage so it doesn’t look oversized and carry a single item. They will not have to pay extra charges by doing such a practice.

Please Carry Your Army Office Documents and ID (If You Belong To Army Or Any Other Defense Department)

Spirit airlines provide a single-free carry-on and double-free checked bags for all existing military officials. You must come near the beginning of the flight departure to get the discount. Remember to bring your military documents and verify your accreditation online throughout flight reservation with third-party validation services

Make baggage payment at the time of flight reservation.

If you understand that you may require an extra area for all your bag items, it is always hood to pay during the flight reservation. You will protect by at least 30 USD than making check-in at the airport entrance.

If you missed making payment for baggage during the flight reservation, you could pay the baggage fee prior to and throughout the check, which still protects your lots of expenses.

Can You Include Baggage Later Than Making a Spirit reservation?

Yes, users can include baggage, but the baggage fee will be extra compared to the booking time. Carry-on baggage may have charges from 60 USD to 70 USD (but these charges are before and during the check-in). If you want to make payment at the terminal desk, the price may exceed 100 USD.

Online or during flight reservation check-in, you can include the first checked bag for 54 USD to 64 USD. At the airport window, you need to pay 79 USD and 99 USD at the gate.

Important note: The extra checked bag demands more charges, and you cannot check additional than your first bag at the airport entrance

What Charges are Spirit airlines demanding for Bags exceeding 40 pounds?

Baggage charges according to their weight are given below

You can use a Spirit credit card for baggage payment, saving you lots of money.