How much do I need to pay for checked baggage on Spirit Flight?

Are you booking flights with Spirit airlines and know about the baggage policy? Taking a favorite item on a flight may be confusing sometimes as we may not be aware of the things to be taken on a Spirit flight. To resolve this issue, Spirit Airlines has created a simple baggage policy to help customers. Well, you can go through the information that is mentioned below.

The actual fees that the spirit airlines charges for the baggage varies as per the class and the flying status. The actual fees that is charged by spirit airlines for the checked luggage depends upon the fare class, the loyalty status and the various other factors.

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What is the baggage fees policy of Spirit Airlines?

What is the spirit Carry-on baggage fees?

The Spirit Baggage fees for carry on luggage is $26-$55 and it depends on when and how the fees is paid.

What are the Spirit Airlines Checked baggage fees?

Spirit Airlines is a budget airline that allows passengers to take their baggage but with some limitations - The weight of checked luggage on Spirit Airlines flights cannot exceed 40 pounds.

That's ten pounds less than practically any other major U.S. airline's 50-pound weight limit. Also important to remember these weight limits before traveling to the airport, because Spirit's overweight baggage costs can quickly mount up. In fact, they have the potential to more than treble your expenses.

For example, if your luggage weighs just 1 pound more and reaches 41 pounds at the check-in desk, you'll need to pay $50... on top of the cost, you already paid for your checked bag. If your luggage is tagged overweight, you can expect to incur following fees in addition to your Spirit checked bag fee.

41 – 50 lbs. (18 – 23 kg) + $50 per bag
51 – 70 lbs. (23 - 32 kg) + $75 per bag
71 – 100 lbs. (32 - 45 kg) + $75 per bag
The checked baggage fees is ranging from $21-$65.

What are the oversized baggage fees?

Most of the bags have the same length, width, and those greater than 62 inches fall in the category of oversized bags. The oversized baggage fees are $100 for bags 63-80 inches and for those bags which are 80 inches additional fees of $150 is charged.

So, if you are travelling through Spirit airlines you must check the baggage policy before you add on the luggage.