Is it Possible to Correct a Name Mistake on the Spirit Flight Booking?

If you have made a mistake in the name while booking a Spirit flight and want to change it to avoid further troubles, Spirit Airlines gives you a chance to make necessary changes to your name printed on the ticket. Here are the key points to remember while requesting a name change on the ticket:

How much does Spirit charge for a name change or correction?

The charges of the name change policy depend on the kind of flights. If you are flying to a domestic destination, in this case, on the domestic flight ticket, to make changes in your name, you have to pay $120 per head. While for international flight tickets, name change policy charges start from $120 per head.

What are the various name change types on a Spirit Airlines Ticket?

The Spirit Airlines name change policy is quite simple and flexible that gives you a chance to undergo name correction and spelling errors in various ways. You can correct the spelling mistakes on your Spirit flight ticket without getting indulged in any legal matter. Here are the different name change types on a Spirit booking.

1. Change in the spelling of the passenger’s name

If you are stuck in a situation where you may need to make a minor modification in your ticket due to any unexpected error while making the booking, then you can make easy changes in the spelling of the traveler’s name. The modifications can be smoothly done as long as they are minor.

2. Name change due to legal reasons

Spirit Airlines allows legal name change on the ticket. The supporting documentation to undergo the legal name change includes marriage license, court order, divorce decree or any other legal name change document. You may be asked to upload the documents on the website portal also.

Please note that due to some legal situations, a customer can change his/her entire name. They can change their first name, last name, or both of these. A complete name change on Spirit Airlines flight tickets can be possible in these circumstances if approved by the court.

How do I complete name correction on Spirit Airlines flight ticket?

Passengers can change their names on their Spirit Airlines reservations online as well over the call. Below are the steps to initiate Spirit Airlines name change process via the online method:

Change Name on Spirit flight ticket online
  1. Open www.spirit.com in your device web browser and navigate yourself to the ‘Manage Booking’ section.
  2. Enter the six-digit confirmation code along with the last name of the ticketed passenger and then click on the ‘Confirm’ button to proceed to retrieve the booking.
  3. Find your booked Spirit flight and then click on the ‘Change’ button to alter the name of the passenger.
  4. Enter the correct name in the designated fields.
  5. Passengers can correct up to three characters as per the Spirit Airlines name change policy.
  6. Alter the name of the ticketed passenger in accordance with the government-issued photo ID.
  7. Provide the legal document to validate the correct name of the passenger.
  8. Make payment for the passenger’s name change.
  9. You will receive a confirmation message on your registered email ID regarding the changes you’ve made online.
  10. Keep this record for the future purpose.

Because of its easy and flexible policies, you can easily reach out to the customer support team of Spirit Airlines in case you face any hurdle while booking flights or even making any changes.

Is it possible to correct name on a Spirit Airline ticket?

Yes, it is possible to change the misspellings on your reservation ticket, or a legal name change is eligible without paying any name change process charges. To know further detail about the name or change policy, you can call or chat with us at 1-855-728-3555.

What about correcting or changing your name on a Spirit Airlines Ticket?

According to Spirit Airlines rules, travelers must follow specific rules and regulations to correct their names on their flight tickets. Let’s see-

If you are unable to change your name as per instructions given by the spirit airline, you can contact customer care number-1-855-728-3555 and chat with them.

What is the procedure to correct misspelt name on Spirit Airline ticket?

Travelers can easily change their name through Spirit Airlines Manage Booking by considering the following process. Let’s see-

  1. To make changes in your name spelling or the name change, you must visit the spirit airline website, spirit.com.
  2. On the website, the menu select manage my travel and enter all detail asked by the website.
  3. With your booking detail, your reservation will show on your screen.
  4. Now select the edit option to correct the spelling of your name or change the real name.
  5. After editing the spelling of your name scroll down and click on the confirm button.
  6. After completing all the steps on your device screen, you will see updated detail with the change of your name or correct spelling of your character.

Moreover, in most conditions, the passenger will not face any issues regarding your name changing process if you make a minor error in your name spelling. When you see you have spelled the wrong spelling in your flight ticket, contact within 24 hours of booking and cancel the ticket. It is an easy way to cancel a ticket, and you can rebook again on the same fare; there are no extra cancellation charges travelers have to bear.

Why Name Change Facility on Spirit Airlines Is Helpful for Passengers?

Making errors are natural for a human being. We, humans, are not faultless and can do our work without mistakes. The airline business also experiences such mistakes daily when travelers have some common fault at the time of flight booking. Sometimes, they must correct their names, phone numbers, and other details to confirm flight reservations.

However, whether the airline allows changing or correcting the flight ticket depends. Spirit Airlines is a customer-centric air carrier and has created user-friendly name- change policies. Moreover, many other airlines have stringent rules and conditions for name modification.

With the strict guidelines of the Transport department of the US, it is compulsory for flight users to travel with the correct name on the flight ticket. The air ticket must have the same alphabet in the same sequence as emerge on the government-authorized photo ID and passport.

Otherwise, wrong name information may give you severe problems, or you may not be able to travel on your flight. Eventually, it is necessary to have the correct name on the ticket and Photo ID.

That is why we request every passenger to please provide accurate details of their name according to the government-authorized IDs. When you pay attention to such things, you don’t have to go through the name change process of Spirit Airlines.