Can I purchase a seat assignment while I make a Spirit ticket booking?

Traveling often creates questions that are worth pondering upon. Queries like – would I get my favorite seat on the flight? How do I find my seat close to my family and friends? Would I get a comfortable seat or not? Well, Spirit Airlines has a clear answer to all these questions that arise in a traveler's mind.

Spirit, being the ultra-low-cost air travel service provider of the United States, provides random seats at check-in for free. It doesn't assure the guarantee that you'll get to sit with your friends or family. However, you can purchase a seat assignment and choose the preferred seat. Seat assignments with Spirit start at just $5 and vary as per the specific routes and location in the aircraft.

Features of the Spirit seat assignment policy
Steps to Make Online Spirit Seat Selection
  1. Visit the spirit.com website on your device web browser.
  2. Click on the 'Check-in' tab on the main menu on the homepage.
  3. Enter the passenger's last name and the booking confirmation code in the designated spaces. Now, hit the 'Check-in' button.
  4. Next page will show you flight details alongside the 'Spirit Airlines Seat Selection' option.
  5. Choose the seat from the available seats.
  6. Next, pay the applicable fee to bind up the seat selection procedure.
  7. Print the flight boarding pass to avoid standing and waiting in a long queue at the airport check-in counters.

How much does Spirit Airlines Charges for Seat Selection?

Spirit Airlines charges certain fee to make seat selection to choose a preferred seat on the Spirit flight. You can select a seat by paying extra cost. Here are the things you need to know about the seat prices on Spirit.com website.

What Are Dos and Don’ts while having Seat Assignment online At Spirits Airlines?

Seat selection is sometimes crucial when you want a specific seat, like close to the window, in front of the exit door or near to the washroom. Moreover, many people want a seat with extra legroom, a reclining Seat, and all that. However, seat upgrades and comfort depend on airlines and their facilities. Now we will tell you what you should do and don’t while selecting a Seat on Spirit Airlines; please watch out.

If You Don’t Want A Specific Seat, Please Don’t Pay For Seat Assignment

During a Spirit flight reservation, there is no clause for an advance seat section. Passengers will get assigned Seats finally when online check-in completes at the terminal.

But sometimes, people want their preferred Seat, so they need to pay the charges. We suggest that if you are not fond of any particular seat, please don’t waste your money.

You Should Not Panic About The Seat Size and Structure

Passengers may find seats a little bit slender and have minimal cushions. Even some of the Seats don’t have reclining facilities. But you can adjust them even if you are the tallest passenger on the flight. Moreover, you can keep your huge carry bag below the Seat. So we recommend not complaining about the Seat because it is the same as all fellow passengers are getting.

Pay For a Large Front Seat If They Come Under Your Budget

The front seats are big and luxurious, and there is no center seat. It will give a first-class flight experience. However, please go for it if it comes with your monetary capacity. But don’t misunderstand it like a first-class seat. Prices are different depending on the destinations. One destination may charge 50 USD, while the other may charge 45 USD.