Can I get a refund if Spirit Airlines canceled my flight?

There can be many circumstances when a flight may get canceled. This is attributed to several factors such as bad weather, maintenance issues, or staff shortage. Plus amid the coronavirus pandemic, several flights are getting canceled stating health concerns. However, if you have booked a Spirit flight to your favorite U.S. destination, you don’t need to worry about its cancellation as Spirit will help you obtain a refund or compensation.

As per Spirit Airlines flight cancellation policy, if Spirit cancels a ticket for some reason, no cancellation fee will be charged in that case. Also, if you have canceled your Spirit flight booking within 24 hours of the initial ticket purchase and the departure date is 7 or more days from the booking date, you won’t have to pay any cancellation fee.

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Cancellation Policy Due to Bad Weather

If your Spirit flight got canceled due to bad weather, then you need to remember that

Spirit Airlines Cancellation Policy due to Death Explained

Making changes to the Spirit Airlines reservation in case of the death of traveler or their relatives, then the airline won’t charge a cancellation fee. To get a full refund, the near of the deceased passenger needs to submit a death certificate. Passengers just need to submit the death certificate by filling out the online refund form available on the website.

Spirit Airlines Refund Policy

Passengers are eligible for a refund if their flight is canceled by the airline itself. For a refundable Spirit flight ticket, you will receive the refund back to your original mode of payment and for a non- refundable ticket, the remaining amount after the deduction of the cancelation fee will be credited as a travel voucher for your next trip. However, for a no-show for the flight, your will lose your money.